Smithfield Lift Station

This project was the construction of a new sewer lift station for the City of Logan. The new facility was built while the existing facility was in 100% full operation. The current (2014) pumping capacity of the lift station is 2.38 mg/d, with a potential at full design to handle 17.5 mg/d in 2060. The construction included a CMU building, two Muffin Monster grinders to pretreat sewage before it enters the wet well in lieu of typical screens and presses, three BIORem air scrubbers to treat foul air, a 3-ton overhead crane, and Spectra Shield coating installed in the wet well, troughs, metering manhole, and head works manhole. The wet well is at 37 feet below grade. Because the water table was only 6” below grade, Spindler dewatered 3000 gal / min into two settling ponds. 144 H piles were driven to support the structure, and sheet pile shoring was used to hold back the soils while the structure was built. The water table was so high on the job that a drainage system was installed under the parking lot and around the perimeter of the building to mitigate the water and extend the life of the new asphalt.